Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Box Loom

In 2014, I was doing an weaving demo at The Barony of Aquaterra's, Ursulmas event and was introduced to a gentlemen named Ivan who makes inkle looms. He heard I was a weaver and stopped by to get feedback and talk about looms.  I found that he had brought 3 with him that day, so I offered to display them near my demo so I could help promote them.  I fell in love with the smallest one but didn't connect to make the purchase. 

My Box Loom

After doing a few weaving displays, I figured it was time to step up and get a loom a tad more "period-esque" loom for display use, so I contacted Ivan and setup to purchase one at an event where we would both be. We met 6 months later at Dragon Laire's event, June Faire and I made the purchase.  

I have made a pair of winingas (Viking Leg Wraps) on it and its a very nice, and easy to use loom.  I would certainly recommend one from him.